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How To Get Your Back Teeth Get Really Clean

Cavities are not a rare phenomenon. In fact, 90% of all American adults have at least one cavity. When it comes to cavities, there are some teeth that are easier to keep clean than others.

The biggest offender of the tooth family in terms of cavities are molars, followed by premolars. If you are worried about your back teeth, the molars, and the premolars, here are some suggestions to keep them as clean as possible.


Molars are the most difficult teeth to keep clean for several reasons. First, molars are located in the back of your mouth, so they are the hardest to reach with both a toothbrush and floss. Second, you do a lot of chewing with those back teeth, so it is easy for food particles to get stuck back there. Third, all molars have a series of pits or grooves to help you chew your food, but it is those pits and molars that make it difficult to get the molars completely clean.


First, you want to start with a tartar-fighting mouthwash that helps to loosen plaque and tartar. If you use the mouthwash before you brush your teeth, you have a better chance of washing the food particles out of your back teeth. You will want to use it again after you brush to protect those back molars from bacteria.

If you have a great deal of trouble reaching your molars with a regular toothbrush, there are toothbrushes that are shaped differently to reach your back teeth. You may want to try one of those.

Also, electric toothbrushes are usually better at cleaning molars, so an investment in an electric toothbrush is an investment in your dental health. Why not try one of these suggestions today, you’ll be on your way to cleaner molars in no time!

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