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Symptoms of Pericoronitis and What It Means

Pericoronitis is an inflammation of the tissue surrounding a third molar, mainly known as the wisdom tooth. This condition mostly happens in the molars that are not fully visible or partially impacted. Pericoronitis is also more common in the lower molars and is primarily caused by the accumulation of bacteria. If left unattended, this condition can spread to other soft tissue areas in your mouth. It is important to recognize the symptoms of pericoronitis and see our professionals immediately. Here are some symptoms that you should look out for.


Because this condition affects your molars, you are likely to experience severe pain near the back of your teeth. The pain can also spread to other parts of your oral cavity, such as the floor of your mouth, ears, throat, the posterior submandibular region, and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). When the pain worsens, you may find chewing exceedingly difficult.


Pericoronitis causes your gums to swell because of the accumulation of fluid in them. Your gums will also be very tender and may appear reddish in color. When the gum tissue around the infected tooth is swollen, you may feel pain while biting your food.


A peri coronal infection can also lead to the formation of an abscess under the operculum. If this is not treated, it can spread quickly to other areas and cause an infection. Severe symptoms like jaw spasms, swollen lymph nodes, and swelling in that part of the face are signs that the infection has spread to the neck and throat, which can hinder your ability to swallow and breathe. This can be life-threatening.


This condition is caused by the accumulation of bacteria on the tooth. The bacteria, together with the pus, can cause you to have bad breath and a bad taste in your mouth. Note that these are some of the chronic symptoms of Pericoronitis. If you notice any of these symptoms, get in touch with us and book an appointment.

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