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What Tools Do Endodontists Use During Root Canals

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
What Tools Do Endodontists Use During Root CanalsEndodontists perform various complex dental procedures requiring specialized tools to ensure patient's optimal comfort and surgery success. Being a complicated surgical process, the endodontic specialists have to use a comprehensive set of equipment for the root canal treatment.

Here's a list of medical items you should familiarize yourself with if you want to learn everything about the root canal procedure before your appointment:

Endodontic Burs

These are the first tools to be used during a root canal treatment. The endodontic burs are used to open the inside of the tooth to reach the canals. This tool may come in different sizes and shapes.

Root Canal Explorer

It's a small, pointed tool to explore the inside of a tooth and locating orifices. It may also be used for removing small amounts of calcification.


The excavators are almost similar to root canal explorers in shape. They're used to remove small amounts of infected tissues from inside the tooth.

Barbed Broach

Barbed broach is used to remove the rest of the infected tissues from inside the tooth. The barbs are designed to grab the tissues far more conveniently than any other tool.

Files and Reamers

These are long, thin, drill-like equipment used to open and then gradually widen the canals so that they can be accessed by the next dental tool appropriately.

Gates-Glidden Drills

It's used to open the morals even further and then remove gutta-percha, which is a putty-like substance commonly used to fill the root canals.

Peeso Reamer

The peeso reamer is another tool exclusively used by endodontists to remove gutta-percha during the root canal procedure.

The root canal procedure is often the only treatment left to salvage an infected tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted from the root. At Optimum Oral Surgery Group, Dr. Donald G. Rebhun and Dr. Chad E. Rebhun utilize years' worth of expertise to ensure your operation is performed skillfully. To schedule an appointment with us, you can call our office at (856)778-8686 at your convenience!

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