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What are Major Oral Surgeries

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
What are Major Oral SurgeriesOral surgery is any process done on your jaw, gums, teeth, or other facial structure. Some of the reasons why you may need oral surgery include gum disease, broken teeth, massive tooth decay, missing teeth, impacted teeth, jawbone loss, sleep apnea, oral cancer, temporomandibular joint disorders, and noncancerous bumps or lumps. The following are the major oral surgeries:

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is the most typical oral surgery procedure. Your dentist may advocate for tooth removal if you have extensive tooth decay, dental trauma, gum disease (periodontitis), or wisdom teeth complications. Your tooth can also be removed if you want to install prosthetic devices or dentures. Wisdom teeth are extracted to eliminate the dangers of dental caries, bone loss, and other dental issues.

Dental Bone Graft

You need a dental bone graft if you encounter jawbone loss. Long-term tooth loss can cause bone degradation in the region since no roots nourish the nerves. The dental bone graft helps restore your jawbone density and volume to prepare for dental implant installation.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are tooth restorations that replace a missing tooth or teeth. They are durable and reliable, with some lasting for a lifetime. After the implants heal, they are restored with dentures, dental bridges, and crowns.

Periodontal Surgery

A gum professional might advise you to have periodontal surgery if you exhibit mild or severe periodontitis. In the process, the surgeon makes incisions along the gum line and pulls the tissues temporally from your teeth. Your tooth roots will then be cleaned, removing all bacteria and plaque that may have formed behind the gums. They will then reposition the gum tissue and stitch them into place.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

This procedure is also known as orthognathic surgery. Corrective jaw surgery addresses jawbone skeletal anomalies. Dentists normally recommend this procedure to enhance the patient's chewing function, treat facial imbalances, and fix misalignment.

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