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Can Tooth Pain Stem from Sinus Issues?

Posted on 12/20/2018 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
Can Tooth Pain Stem from Sinus Issues?Having a sinus infection is bad enough because it makes you feel congested and miserable. Unfortunately, people who suffer from sinus infections due to colds or seasonal allergies could also have other symptoms, including tooth pain.

What is The Sinus Cavity?

If you think about it, everything in your mouth is closely linked to the rest of your head and skull. The sinuses are empty pockets lined with a thin mucous membrane. Their purpose is to moderate the outside air temperature before it spreads into your lungs.

When you have an infection, this membrane can become inflamed and congested, which can result in a blocked nasal passage. The build-up of bacteria increases the congestion because it has nowhere to go if the infection is not treated.

Why Sinus Infections Cause Toothaches?

The sinus floor is located right over the upper jaw which contains the roots and nerves of your upper teeth. When pressure builds up from sinus inflammation, you will sometimes feel it like a toothache, particularly the upper back molars, which are closer to the maxillary sinuses.

You can have these painful symptoms even if your teeth are healthy. However, it is vital to determine if your tooth hurts because of a sinus infection and not another more serious problem, such as an abscessed tooth, which could be life-threatening if not treated promptly.

Take the Test
There is an easy way to test whether your toothache is related to a sinus infection. If the pain gets worse when bending over, it's most likely due to your sinuses. Tooth pain can also increase if the pressure rises, mainly if you fly on an airplane.

Another way to determine if your toothache is related to your sinuses is to monitor the pain. Tooth pain from a sinus infection is described as dull by people who are affected by it. If your toothache doesn't improve when the sinus infection is gone, call us immediately.

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