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Signs Your Tooth is Cracked and Needs Oral Surgery to Fix

Posted on 1/20/2019 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
Signs Your Tooth is Cracked and Needs Oral Surgery to FixHaving a cracked tooth can not only cause you pain, but it can put in jeopardy your oral health. When you lose part of the outer layer of your teeth, known as the enamel, the bacteria can penetrate the tooth and result in plaque buildup.

Plaque is that sticky substance that attaches to your teeth and can cause a lot of problems down the road including tooth loss. If you have a cracked tooth, we must take care of it as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Signs of a Cracked Tooth

Some of the most common symptoms of a cracked tooth include:

•  Sporadic pain when chewing or biting down.
•  Sudden sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.
•  Gum irritation or swelling.
•  Irregular tooth shape.

Cracked Tooth Treatment

Depending on the damage, we have several treatment options to treat a broken tooth. We will always try to save your natural teeth and will do everything we can to accomplish this goal. The most common procedures we use to fix your tooth are:

•  Root canal. Anytime the enamel is affected by a crack or chip there is a risk that bacteria can reach the pulp. The pulp is the nerve center of the tooth and the place where all the nutrients and blood keeps it alive. We drill a hole in the tooth to remove any dead pulp or infection, clean the root, and then use a laser to close the hole.
•  Dental bonding. This procedure is used when the crack or chip is tiny and can be repaired quickly with this technique. Bonding is performed using a resin material that matches the color of your natural teeth.
•  Dental Crown. A crown is a cap that is placed over the tooth to protect it from decay. This procedure is usually done in two visits, and we will need to take a dental impression so that the lab can build your new crown.

When we can't save the cracked tooth, we will need to remove it, but there are some excellent teeth replacement options such as dental implants that look and function like natural teeth.

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