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Does It Feel Normal to Wear Dental Implants?

Posted on 2/15/2019 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
Does It Feel Normal to Wear Dental Implants?Dental implants are one of the best alternatives people have when they lose their natural teeth. You can get dental implants for a single missing tooth, for several missing teeth or you can replace all your teeth with implants.

While many people focus on the cost when making a decision about whether to get implants, some people wonder what the implants will feel and work like. They wonder if they can tell the difference between their implants and their natural teeth.

In the Beginning
People get implants to replace broken, missing or chipped teeth. People do not always get these problems taken care of right away. They get used to the way their mouth feels with the damaged teeth.
The procedure for putting implants in takes time. The implants take time to heal and set in place. During that time, a person will get used to the way the implants feel. That means that during the time between when they get the implants started and when the implants heal, their teeth feel very different.

Once the implants heal and the crowns are put in place, it will take time to get used to the way the teeth feel when they have been fixed. It takes a little time to adjust the way you chew food and the way you talk when you have the implants in at first.

As Time Goes On
The good things is people are able to adjust. Over time, they will adjust to the implants and will develop habits that they get used to. They will become accustomed to how they chew food with all their teeth and implants in place. They will get used to not having missing teeth or pain from diseased teeth.

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