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Have You Ever Heard of Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

Posted on 2/25/2019 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
Have You Ever Heard of Cracked Tooth Syndrome?Cracked tooth syndrome might sound like some type of mysterious disease, but it is not really all that complicated, at least by definition. The term cracked tooth syndrome refers to a tooth that is cracked, but the crack cannot be seen and no part of the tooth has yet broken off.

Even though the definition is pretty easy to understand that does not mean that cracked tooth syndrome is something that you should ignore.

Cracking a Tooth

It is easier than you might think to crack a tooth. Very often it will happen when you bite down on something that is hard. Ice and hard candy are often culprits. You can also crack a tooth if you have some type of trauma to your jaw. Over time, your teeth will lose some of their strength, so age can also be a factor when cracking a tooth.

Often there will be a sharp pain when you crack a tooth. You might then feel pain when you eat, but not at other times. A new sensitivity to hot and cold might also develop.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

If the crack is low on the tooth and nothing has broken off, cracked tooth syndrome is to blame. The problem with such a cracked tooth is that it is hard to see, even on an x-ray. We will need to rely on other factors to determine whether or not a tooth has a crack that we cannot see.

If you think that you might have cracked a tooth, come in and let us take a look. There are several different treatments for cracked teeth, the best one for you will depend on the crack and the tooth. If you put off coming in, the crack could get worse. That could lead to more pain and possibly infection as well.

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