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When Teeth Erupt at Unusual Angles, Sometimes We Need to Remove Them

Posted on 6/15/2019 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
When Teeth Erupt at Unusual Angles, Sometimes We Need to Remove ThemAt some point in everyone's life, wisdom teeth try to emerge and fit in the mouth. It is something that usually happens in the late teen years or early adulthood. When the wisdom teeth do try to emerge, several things can happen. For the lucky few, there is enough room for the teeth and they grow in healthy with little pain.

For others, the teeth cannot emerge at all and become impacted. There are also people who find their wisdom teeth emerging at a strange angle. Some may think this is not a big deal, but there are reasons that removing the teeth is the right option.

Angles Eruption is Not Always a Problem

While everyone wants their teeth to grow in straight, the teeth do not always cooperate. For a variety of reasons, wisdom teeth may emerge at an angle. There are times when the angle of the wisdom teeth is not a problem.

If the wisdom teeth are at a slight angle, they may still fully emerge. This is most common when the angle is towards the back of the mouth. As long as there is room for the teeth, they can emerge. When the teeth are angled towards the front of the mouth, it is important that they do not rub up against the existing teeth. As long as they do not do this, they can emerge. Our dental professionals will often wait to see if there are any problems when teeth begin to emerge at a slight angle.

When Tooth Removal is Necessary

'While there are cases when it is possible for angled wisdom teeth to emerge and to avoid removal, there are other cases when this is not possible. If the teeth cannot fully emerge, removal is necessary no matter what angle they are at.

The more severe the angle of the teeth, the more likely it is necessary to remove them. The greater the angle, the harder it is for them to emerge and the more likely an impacted tooth becomes. The best way to determine if removal is necessary is with the help of our dental professionals.

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