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Types of Malformations That Can Turn Out to Be Oral Cancer

Posted on 9/15/2019 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
Types of Malformations That Can Turn Out to Be Oral CancerOral cancer can be any cancer that is found in the mouth, throat, jaw, or tongue area. There are some malformations that can come about in the mouth that can end up being this type of cancer.

If anything is noticed that is not normal, it is important that our office is called right away. We can do an exam and diagnostic test to find the issue sooner, rather than later.

Malformations in the Mouth

Malformations can happen due to a number of other causes. When they do, they can be a cause of concern. Not all mouth malformations are cancerous though, and this is something to keep in mind when calling our office. Try to remain calm, as they could be benign and caused by something else other than cancer.

Lumps found in any of the areas around the mouth can indicate cancer. However, there are also other conditions that these lumps could be caused by. Sometimes smaller lumps can be noticed on the tongue area. This can be caused by cancerous cells, or it can also be smaller benign issues, such as cysts, that are common in some individuals.

Every anomaly that presents itself should be taken into consideration and tested to ensure that it is not cancerous, as anything is possible. Some have a higher risk for oral cancers than others, such as those that smoke or drink alcohol regularly, or those that have a history of mouth cancers in their family.

If you notice anything that is not supposed to be there, or any changes in any of the areas in or around your mouth, speak with us right away. We can work to get you in soon to check the areas of your mouth and ensure that you have the proper treatment to take care of the issues you're experiencing.

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