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It Is Possible to Use Your Own Bone for Bone Grafts

Posted on 10/25/2019 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
It Is Possible to Use Your Own Bone for Bone GraftsOne of the issues that people who want to have implants run into is the lack of enough bone tissue in the jaw for the implant. The solution to this is a bone graft.

The bone graft helps the jaw grow more bone tissue and makes the implants possible. There are different types of grafts to use, including using your own bone tissue for the graft. This type of graft may offer the best solution for some people.

Basics of Dental Bone Grafts

Many people lose bone tissue from their jaw. There are different reasons to lose bone tissue that include trauma, disease and the lack of teeth. The more bone tissue you lose, the more problems you will run into. When you are missing teeth, you may want to get an implant, but you may lack sufficient bone tissue for the implant. When you have lost bone tissue, you can turn to a bone graft to help grow the bone tissue you need.

Bone grafts can come from another person, an artificial source or from your own body. There are different reasons for choosing where to get the bone graft from, but the best option is often getting it from your own bone.

Why It is Better
When you get a bone graft from another person or from an artificial source, you are introducing a foreign body into the body. The body may decide to fight the intrusion. The immune system can attack the bone graft and prevent it from succeeding. When the bone graft fails, you may not be able to get the implants.

When you turn to your own bone tissue for the graft, the body is less likely to view it as an invasion from a foreign source. If the body does not attack the graft, it is more likely to succeed and allow for whatever is next. To learn more about bone grafts and to get the answer to your oral health questions, call our office to schedule your next appointment.

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