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Could Crown Lengthening Help Your Smile Look Nicer?

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
Could Crown Lengthening Help Your Smile Look Nicer?Crown lengthening can improve your first impression, your smile. If you look in the mirror and feel like you have short teeth, you may actually have excess gum tissue covering your teeth. This procedure can be performed to enhance a gummy smile. Our gum specialists also use crown lengthening to expose teeth as certain situations require removal or reshaping of the gumline to perform other dental procedures.

Crown Lengthening for Tooth Structure

Crown lengthening can be performed on one tooth. It can also be done on several teeth or your entire gumline. Sometimes this procedure is completed to expose cavities beneath the gumline. Others want to expose fractured areas of a tooth and choose to use crown lengthening as a way to uncover the tooth so that more work can be done on it. Similarly, crown lengthening can be used to expose more tooth structure before we can fit a device on a tooth. This has been especially helpful when we need to fit a bridge to a tooth. Several restorative dental procedures may require crown lengthening prior to that procedure.

Crown Lengthening for an Improved Smile

Crown lengthening can also be used to improve cosmetics. When a patient would like to address their smile, and they have more than 3 millimeters of exposed gum, crown lengthening may be a good course of action. Gummy smiles can be transformed as more teeth are visible after a crown lengthening procedure. We are careful to maintain enough gum for good oral hygiene, and work with our patients to enhance their smile.

If you are interested in this procedure for cosmetic reasons, we would love to discuss the possible outcomes with you. We can help you understand crown lengthening and assess if this is a possibility for you. Come into our office for an evaluation.

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