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Some Teeth Need to Be Split Before They Can Come Out

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
Some Teeth Need to Be Split Before They Can Come OutSurgical tooth extractions are common procedures that are done due to different reasons. The process of tooth extraction is simple and straightforward. However, it can become a bit complicated in some cases and will require a more advanced procedure. For instance, some of your teeth may need splitting before they come out. So, what determines when teeth need splitting before they come out?

Here are factors that lead to splitting when extracting a tooth.

The Need for Splitting

When your tooth is extremely damaged, it will need extraction. However, some damaged teeth have underlying conditions that make it necessary to split them before extraction. For instance, teeth with damaged pulps and nerves will need a more advanced extraction process. Therefore, our professionals will use highly specialized equipment for this procedure. When a damaged tooth is clearly visible above the gumline, the extraction process is simple because it can be removed with forceps. However, if the tooth is damaged and lies beneath the gum tissue, our professionals will perform a surgical extraction. Teeth that lie in such remote areas of the mouth will need a more sophisticated approach; however, thanks to today's technology and our skilled experts, such procedures are safe and effective.

The Need for Extraction

There are several factors that will result in tooth extraction. For example, when your tooth cannot be repaired using a dental filling or a crown, an extraction might be the ideal option. Teeth that don't get enough support due to periodontal disease might also need extraction. This is because they might get infected and spread the infection to other areas. We also recommend extraction for teeth that don't respond to root canal procedures. As much as extraction is always our last option, sometimes, it is the only right thing to do. Keeping a damaged tooth in your mouth will cause more harm than removing it. Visit our offices for more information on tooth extraction.

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