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Importance of Oral Cancer Exams

Posted on 12/23/2021 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
Importance of Oral Cancer ExamsOral cancer exams are a type of health exam that a dental professional performs to check a patient's body for any presence of precancerous cells. Often, the test is conducted on the oral cavity to help examine various kinds of oral cancer. In most cases, dentists perform the screening because they are the health professionals who have frequent access to patients' mouths. A cancer screening is done during routine visits to our dental office, mainly if a doctor detects an abnormality in your mouth.

Why Oral Cancer Exams are Essential

Being one of the types of cancer with high death cases, oral cancer requires early diagnosis for successful treatment. Many deaths occurring from oral cancer are mainly because of late diagnosis. Regrettably, very few people get diagnosed with oral cancer in the early stages, making treatment to be difficult and often unsuccessful.

The examinations help ensure the early detection of cancer. When you have oral cancer caught early, you have a high chance of being cured instead of waiting until the later stage. Also, early detection helps determine risk factors for the disease. Some people live to their end without ever suffering from cancer. On the other hand, some get it as they progress in age. Others even get it at an early age. If you do not get screenings, it becomes impossible to determine your risk levels for developing oral cancer.

Another reason you would want to consider dental cancer screening is to prevent it in the first place. Screening not only determines that you are cancer-free, but it is also an opportune time for our oral surgeon to highlight the ways you can prevent the disease, mainly if you are considered to be at high risk. Anyone can benefit from cancer exams. Schedule an appointment with our oral surgeon to be screened before cancer takes a toll on your health and life. Visit us today.

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