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Five Key Benefits of Undergoing Reconstructive Jaw Surgery

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
Five Key Benefits of Undergoing Reconstructive Jaw SurgeryA reconstructive jaw surgery lets us restore and reposition your jaws and teeth to an optimal state. The surgery improves the functionality and appearance of your jaw, which can play a positive role in your speech capabilities and self-esteem. The surgery aims to fix your misaligned bite. Below, we will explain the main reasons why reconstructive jaw surgery can be highly beneficial for your case.

Correct Biting

When you have a misaligned jaw, it becomes hard for you to bite and chew properly. This makes it difficult to eat and digest certain solid foods as a consequence. Reconstructive jaw surgery can balance your upper and lower jaws so you can bite correctly. Proper biting makes it easier for you to swallow your food.

Pain Relief

Among the most common reasons for getting reconstructive jaw surgery is pain reduction. A misaligned jaw causes pain on your jaw when you speak or bite. Constructive jaw surgery realigns your jaw to its natural position, thus, relieving you of the stress and pain you felt before.

Minimized Teeth Wear

Your teeth get to have a break after reconstructive jaw surgery. A misaligned jaw often comes with impaired biting, which can put extreme pressure on certain teeth. Excessive work on your teeth causes them to wear and tear, decay, or may even lead to tooth loss.

Proper Pronunciation

You may find it difficult to pronounce some words when you have a misaligned jaw. Constructive jaw surgery can positively affect your speech capabilities. Speech improvement results in increased confidence and self-esteem.

Better Sleep

A misaligned jaw can result in breathing difficulties, which can develop into sleep apnea, depending on the case. Getting reconstructive surgery ensures you get the rest you deserve at night. This translates to better moods and reduced chances of getting high blood pressure or other heart issues. Please visit our offices today and learn more about the importance of reconstructive jaw surgery and what it entails.

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