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What Is an Extraction And Is It Necessary

Posted on 4/11/2022 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
What Is an Extraction And Is It NecessaryRegular dental checkups are important for our dentists to monitor the state of your dental health. Dental problems are treatable best when detected and diagnosed early. This gives dentists ample time to start preventive and corrective measures which will ensure that you will not have to lose your tooth or teeth. However, there are cases where, an impacted tooth becomes unsalvageable, and the only solution becomes to remove the tooth altogether.

Extraction is the process of removing your tooth due to several reasons. During your checkup, the dentists can observe your dental state, and decide that removing the tooth remains is the best solution. When this happens, you will have to prepare for a tooth extraction procedure that requires the expertise of a skilled dental surgeon, to ensure that no unnecessary damage occurs during the surgery.

Is extraction necessary?

There are dental problems that necessitate the removal of your tooth. For instance, if your tooth decay is very severe, the dentists can see those treatments such as a filling or crown placement will not salvage your tooth. Because impacted teeth are usually painful, the dentist can decide to remove the tooth to offer relief from your pain.

Our dentists can also recommend tooth extraction if you have a severely cracked or broken tooth. You can also get tooth extraction if you have a wisdom tooth that is causing you pain and discomfort, and at the same time impeding the surrounding teeth.

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