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Who Benefits Most from Bone Grafting

Posted on 4/25/2022 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
Who Benefits Most from Bone GraftingOften, patients seeking dental implant placement may be required to have bone grafting to prepare the jawbone for the implants. While the procedure may sound frightening, it actually is a routine surgery that offers enormous benefits to the right candidate. You should take it confidently if you are told that you may require a bone graft for your dental implants placement or any other dental issue. Our oral surgeon will always examine your specific case to find out if you really need bone grafting.

What Bone Grafting Involves

Our oral surgeon introduces new bone material to your jaw to help build up the existing jawbone in bone grafting. We perform various kinds of bone grafting procedures depending on where the graft material will be placed and the purpose of the graft, or even where the donor material comes from. Bone grafting itself is straightforward. Our surgeon places the donor material in the areas where it is needed to increase bone mass. The oral surgeon secures the graft in place or sutures it to ensure it remains in the correct position. After that, the body does the process of incorporating the graft material as its natural bone. Through osseointegration, the body creates new bone matter that attaches to the grafted bone.

Who Benefits from the Procedure?

Patients with deteriorated bone as a result of decay, tooth loss, or periodontal disease benefit most from bone graft procedures. The bone surrounding the teeth is vulnerable to bone loss and decay. When bone deterioration occurs, it can create a compounding effect on the teeth. If there is no proper support, the permanent teeth may become loose and eventually fall out. Dental implants and implant-supported dentures can help stop further bone because the implant screws work as the natural roots to stimulate jawbone growth.

Grafting becomes necessary if there is inadequate or a lack of enough bone density. Bone grafting may also help patients who have reduced bone density as the grafting helps increase the rigidity and strength of the jaw. This way, it helps minimize tooth loss or breakage of bones due to bone loss. Find out more about bone grafting and implants by visiting our dental office.

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