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What Is an Extraction and Is It Necessary

Posted on 8/22/2022 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
What Is an Extraction and Is It NecessaryThe removal of teeth is a straightforward process that is popular in many countries. Procedures may have different complexities due to the way the teeth should be extracted. Keeping teeth may be the desired choice but extraction may be necessary and unavoidable. We are going to look into these extractions.

Teeth Extraction

Most teeth extractions involve wisdom teeth. The extractions may be because of inadequate room in the jaw hence they are not able to erupt. It is also common for teeth to be extracted before orthodontists can install braces. Some teeth that have not been well fit into the jaw can be removed because of periodontal diseases.

Types of Extractions

A simple extraction involves removing teeth with a pair of forceps. The teeth extracted are usually above the gums. The gums and tissues need to be removed for the tooth to be extracted. Technology has created better ways to extract teeth that are comfortable. There will be stitches and pain medication during the healing period.

Surgical extractions require more in-depth analysis and procedures. An x-ray and examination of teeth are required for the dentist to understand the extraction. Simple extractions may also escalate to surgical procedures. The escalation may happen when the tooth break during the simple extraction among other reasons. Surgical extractions are common during the extraction of wisdom teeth if impacted by gums.

Offering care

After extraction, you are required time to heal. Resting the mouth is vital for successful healing. Avoid taking anything 2 hours after the procedure. That includes drinking and talking. The use of straws, smoking, and sticks is prohibited. It is best to consume drinks and liquids instead of hard foods. The foods may compromise the area that has been compromised and lead to pain. Avoid brushing the area that has been operated. Use of mouthwash and rinses is better than brushing during that period. Follow the dentist's instructions for successful treatment and healing. We offer teeth extraction with the best dentist. Contact us for extractions and guidance.

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