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How to Take Care of your Dental Implant

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
How to Take Care of your Dental ImplantThe placement of dental implants is a surgery with a high success rate. It is an intervention carried out very often in dental clinics, and if it is carried out by specialists and with the appropriate precautions, it should not cause significant problems.

However, as with any operation, it can lead to complications for the patient. Therefore, the patient should take care and come up with ways to ensure that the implants are secure for long-term survival. Additionally, some ways to care for the dental implant include:

Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is key in ensuring the implants serve the patient for a longer time. However, the use of manual and electric brushes contributes to good oral health as its effectiveness in the removal of food debris and bacterial plaque.

Also, regular flossing and daily brushing while caring between the interdental spaces are essential. Moreover, to know how to clean dental implants, the patient should consult his trusted dentist for better advice.

Eat a good diet

After dental implant placement, the patient should follow a soft and cold diet for the rest of the day, avoiding chewing on the intervened area. Although specialists recommend drinking plenty of fluids and cold drinks, it is crucial to avoid drinking alcohol.

Avoid Mouth Rinses

Avoid rinsing the mouth or spitting immediately after the placement of the dental implants. In addition, this practice destroys the clot or damages the stitches hence consequent bleeding. However, the patient should rinse the implants gently with a mouthwash.

Avoid Tooth brushing

The patient should not do tooth brushing on the same day as implant placement. When 24 hours have elapsed, brushing should commence while avoiding the area of the mouth operated.

Generally, the patient should follow the recommended instructions by his dentist to allow quick recovery and better performance of the dental implants.

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