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Damaged Teeth May Result in Damage to Your Sinuses

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Dr. Chad Rebhun
Damaged Teeth May Result in Damage to Your SinusesIf you have damaged teeth in your top dental arch, it can affect your sinuses. The following information explains how this happens.

Poor Dental Health and Sinus Infections - The Link

Did you know about 20% of sinus infections result from poor dental health or decay? If you have a problem with your sinuses, it may result from damaged teeth in your upper arch or maxillary teeth. That's because the roots of molars are super thin - thin enough to spread an infection from infected gums and teeth. In many of the cases we see, an abscess has developed, which creates long-term damage.

What Is an Abscess?

An abscess is an infected pocket that develops because of gum disease or tooth decay. When an abscess is not treated, it continues to expand, ultimately going beyond the gums and teeth and settling on the bones. When this happens, it can destroy the bone tissue and damage the sinuses. While the incidents related to bone destruction are not common, an abscess can negatively affect the sinus cavity. Again, the root of a tooth is extremely thin, so an infection can easily spread on the main area of the sinus, thereby causing a good deal of harm. Damage to a tooth can trigger ongoing chronic sinusitis.

Treating Damaged Teeth Can Prevent Future Sinus Infections

By treating periodontal infections and tooth decay, sinus infections can also be avoided. Therefore, if your tooth is beyond repair, and it needs to be removed or you need root canal therapy, you may also relieve sinus conditions and infections. However, if you have recurrent problems with sinusitis, you may need oral maxillofacial support.

Do you have problems with sinusitis? They may be connected to your dental health and vice-versa. Give us a call today to set an appointment for an exam and consultation.

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