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Cone Beam Scanner

X-ray of a woman being taking in 3D cone beam scanner at Optimum Oral Surgery Group

Dental Cone Beam CT in Dentistry

Here at Optimum Oral Surgery Group, we always strive to do what is best for our patients, which is why we stay on top of current imaging technologies. This technology is important to us and helps us accurately diagnose and monitor dental conditions. When facial x-rays do not provide the images that we need, we do not stop there and just make the best of it. Instead, we will use dental cone beam computed tomography (CT). Dental Cone Beam CT is a specialized x-ray that provides clear, three-dimensional images of all pertinent structures within a patient’s mouth. We can get a closer look at the teeth of the patient, soft and hard tissues, nerve pathways, and even bone condition.

Uses of Dental Cone Beam CT Procedure

We use a dental cone beam CT to better diagnose cases of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) as well as to accurately assess the condition of the nasal cavity, sinuses, nerve canals and the jaws of our patients. When our patients are experiencing pain, we sometimes use dental cone beam CT to help us determine the exact area where the pain is coming from.

The dental cone beam CT is also vital in determining treatment options for our patients with more complex dental problems. For instance, the 3D images from the dental cone beam CT can help us see where we should set dental implants and how we should address impacted teeth during surgery. This type of advanced imaging technology is also useful in determining the tooth orientation and bone structure of the patient, as well as locating the exact position of jaw tumors. Dental cone beam CT is also a valuable tool when we need to carry out reconstructive surgeries.

What Can You Expect During the Procedure

Dental Cone beam CT imaging is painless, accurate and non-invasive. While this technology is useful and provides numerous benefits, it is important to note that we only resort to using this when results of regular dental x-rays prove insufficient. This is because the level of radiation exposure of these scanners is higher when compared with traditional x-rays. For this reason, it is important that our patients tell us if they are pregnant or if there is even the slightest chance that they are. If you are undergoing a dental cone beam CT procedure, our radiologist will ask you to remove items from your body that may affect the imaging results such as jewelry, eyeglasses, and hairpins.

You will also be asked to sit or lie down on the examination table depending on what type of CT scanner we have available during your visit. Our radiologist will then ensure that the area we want to examine further would be centered in the beam. Just like regular dental x-rays, you will need to remain still during the procedure, which only takes about 20 to 40 seconds to cover the entire mouth and less than 10 seconds to scan specific areas. Since we can view the results immediately, we can quickly diagnose your condition and begin talking about treatment options.

If you want to know more about our dental cone beam CT examination and other dental services we offer here at Optimum Oral Surgery Group, call (856)778-8686 today.

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Dental Cone Beam CT is a specialized x-ray that provides clear, three-dimensional images of all pertinent structures within a patient’s mouth. Click the link to learn more.
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