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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Your mouth is made up of several components. All of these components work together for you to perform some different tasks, including eating, speaking, and even flashing a beautiful, unforgettable smile. For your mouth to be able to perform all of these functions and more, all of the components of your mouth need to be healthy. However, there are numerous issues that can affect the different parts of your mouth and their abilities to function properly. At Optimum Oral Surgery Group, we can help to restore the health of your mouth, its ability to function properly, and the quality of your smile with a full mouth reconstruction.

Do I Need a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction involves a series of procedures designed to treat some different issues. The procedures are aimed at restoring and rebuilding the teeth in your upper or your lower jaw. Some patients may receive a full mouth reconstruction to treat both jaws. Treatment is customizable, allowing us to meet a variety of different needs. Patients may require a combination of restorative treatments, orthodontics, endodontic treatment, periodontal treatments, and oral surgery. There are several reasons why you might need to undergo a full mouth reconstruction.
•  You have severely damaged teeth affected by issues such as decay or fractures.
•  Your teeth have been worn down due to the effects of bruxism.
•  You have alignment issues of your teeth or your jaws. These issues can lead to bruxism as well as issues with your temporomandibular joints.
•  You have experienced facial or dental trauma.
•  You have suffered tooth loss.

The Initial Exam

A thorough head, neck and oral exam is conducted before undergoing a full mouth reconstruction. This initial consultation is performed to determine the types of issues affecting your mouth, their severity, and what the best course of treatment will be. We look over the condition of your mouth and take images such as x-rays and other 3D scans.

During this exam, we look over the condition of your teeth, checking for decay, chips, fractures, wear patterns, and more. We check your gums for redness, inflammation, and gum recession. We also take note of areas of mouth where there is excess gum tissue.

We also take a look at the condition and alignment of your jaw, along with your facial esthetics. This is important because not only can alignment issues cause oral health issues, they can also affect other treatments that you might need.

Common Procedures Used During a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is highly customizable. There are some different treatments that might be used. The types of treatments you receive will depend on your unique needs. Common procedures that are used for this type of treatment include:
•  Crowns.
•  Veneers.
•  Composite bonding.
•  Tooth colored fillings.
•  Scaling and root planing.
•  Gum recontouring.
•  Crown lengthening.
•  Root canal therapy.
•  Orthodontics.
•  Dental implants.
•  Oral surgery.

Generally, a full mouth reconstruction takes place over the course of a few separate appointments. Depending upon your needs, it could take up to a year to see the full results of your treatment.

If several issues are affecting the functions of your mouth, your smile, and your quality of life, a full mouth reconstruction may be right for you. Call Optimum Oral Surgery Group at (856)778-8686 today to schedule your consultation.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction | Optimum Oral Surgery Group
At Optimum Oral Surgery Group, we can help to restore the health of your mouth and the quality of your smile with a full mouth reconstruction. Learn more here.
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