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A Toothache with a Fever Is Not a Good Combination

It is not uncommon for people to experience a toothache. There are some minor toothaches that are not a big deal. It could be due to bad brushing and flossing technique or something else easy to correct. Toothaches can also be a sign of a bigger problem that does require attention. The symptoms surrounding a […]

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Symptoms of Pericoronitis and What It Means

Pericoronitis is an inflammation of the tissue surrounding a third molar, mainly known as the wisdom tooth. This condition mostly happens in the molars that are not fully visible or partially impacted. Pericoronitis is also more common in the lower molars and is primarily caused by the accumulation of bacteria. If left unattended, this condition […]

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One Reason to Stop Snoring is To Protect Your Mouth from Dry Mouth

Everyone will snore at a certain point in their lives either due to age, obesity, genetics, and sleep posture. Establishing your reason for snoring is crucial if you want to stop snoring. This is because snoring could also indicate an underlying health condition. Besides disrupting your partner’s sleep, snoring could cause more harm than good […]

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Symptoms You May Have an Infection After Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is any surgical procedure done to the mouth or jaw. While many people fear the surgery itself, the real danger of oral surgery lies in after the procedure has taken place. This is because after oral surgery, there’s a chance that your mouth will become infected. However, with the proper care, it’s possible […]

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Reasons Your Jaw May Randomly Swell

A swelling jaw can be a symptom of many different dental complications. A swelling jaw can be painful and quite bothersome when you’re trying to do your daily chores. It can hinder eating and speaking and may even make it impossible to get a good night’s rest. Jaw swelling can occur due to a dislocated […]

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